Saturday, June 24, 2017

Schell's American Pale Lager

This lager featuring Citra and Hallertau hops is from the August Schell Brewery of New Ulm, Minnesota. They are the second oldest family owned brewery in the United States (over 150 years and counting).   This was part of their spring sampler pack, the Biergarten (I love the graphic design of the box, looks very turn of the 20th century).

The beer pours a dark, honey golden in color. There is about an inch of white head, not particularly long-lasting. The aroma is a blast of citrus and mango skin, settled over toasted grains. The taste follows the aromas, mostly citrus and tropical fruit, but with some toasted grain, and a fairly bitter finish. The beer drinks smooth with a moderate carbonation that is a just-right fit. This is a successful hop forward lager from Schell's.

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