Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rockdale Classic

This 5.0% ABV lager is Walmart's store brand beer. It is brewed in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, I am assuming by City Brewing under contract. There is also a light version. Is it just me, or is the can trying to be Coors?

The beer pours a deep golden in color. There is about an inch of white had that quickly fizzes down. The beer is well carbonated. The aroma is cooked cereal grains, with light cooked vegetable and wet cardboard. The taste follows the aromas, is mostly cooked cereal grains, with just a bit of the off-note vegetable and cardboard. It is about a draw between sweet and dry, the winner alternates back and forth. There is no bitterness, not much hops in this beer. It drinks with a pleasantly stinging carbonation. For its price point, this is fairly benign, meaning, not terrible.


  1. ilove rockdale clasic it has a grate tast is verry afordable
    thank you i live on limited income and have to make every penny
    count. good job rockdale

  2. Sweet, wet grain swept out of the bin as an afterthought, brewed with gravel, dust and rat droppings. Hell of a job to get it to taste like some kind of beer. Imagine if they used decent ingredients and did the same job. That would be world class. Rockdale is just world @$$.