Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Rolling Rock Extra Pale

Rolling Rock originated in 1939 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania with the Latrobe Brewing Company (the original brewery is now owned by City Brewing and they allow Sam Adams to brew there; and Diageo apparently brews Red Stripe and Guinness Blonde there). The Rolling Rock brand is now owned by AB-Inbev. This is an iconic lager, 4.4% ABV, with painted labels rather than paper on its bottles. Is this still a hipster beer? I remember in the early 1990's in Boston, this was the hipster beer at rock clubs. 

The beer pours a clear light yellow and golden. There is over an inch of white fizzing head, which is not particularly long lasting. The aroma is light, cracked corn, grass, and a touch of wet cardboard. The taste is also light, following the aromas, with just a tingle of bitterness on the finish. The beer drinks crisp and light, tingling carbonation, goes down very easy. Not much here, but what is there is not offensive, easily drinkable, and way better than Bud Light.  

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