Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mankato Fruit Inferno IPA

The Mankato Brewery is in North Mankato, Minnesota. It is the first production brewery in that city since 1967. This is a 6.5% ABV India Pale Ale made with mango, passion fruit, and pineapple.

The beer pours a hazy apricot and honey in color. There is a tall, thick, foaming head of white. The aroma is mango and passionfruit, lighter on the pineapple, over a bed of toasted malt. The taste follows the aromas, adding in a tart kick, as there is a bit more pineapple in the flavor than in the aroma. The beer finishes quite dry, with a moderately strong bitterness. The beer drinks with an easy smoothness, and tingling carbonation.  

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