Monday, January 2, 2017

Lucky Bucket Hoodang Wheat

The Lucky Bucket Brewing Company is in La Vista, Nebraska (just south of Omaha). This is a 4.0% ABV wheat beer with a touch of citrus. Explaining the name, the bottle says that the beer will make you holler "hoodang!" when you drink it.

The beer pours a very clear light amber in color. There is very little head, what is there is short-lived. The aroma is toasted wheat, a touch nutty, with light citrus tang and fruit. The taste follows the aromas, the toasted wheat is rich and full-flavored, but not heavy, with the fruit as mellow and sweet as tangy. The beer drinks easy and smooth, but with some tingle of carbonation. The finish is dry with a light bitterness. This makes an excellent session beer.  

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