Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hamm's Special Light

For the backstory of Hamm's, check out this post of mine. Hamm's is one of my favorite "cheap" beers, and I wanted to do a separate posting on the much harder to find Special Light. I also wanted to do a separate posting on retrying the Golden Draft, but found it no longer available in southern Minnesota where I used to find it.

The beer pours a light yellow golden. There is an inch of white head, not particularly long-lasting. The aroma is grain, malt o' meal cereal, a touch of grass, and a bit of wet cardboard and very light green apple. The taste follows the aromas, and it tastes better straight out of the can. The beer guzzles easy, with a stinging, but refreshing, carbonation. This isn't great, but straight out of the can, it is actually one of the better adjunct light lagers out there, way better than Bud Light.

It is fair to say I liked it more in 2011 than now. What has changed more, me or the beer?  This beer pours a very pale, sun bleached straw, light golden in color.  There is a small white head that rapidly dissipates.  The aroma is a very light grain, some apple, a touch of citrus and a touch of lagerish hops.  The taste is light, crisp, clean, a little grain, a tiny touch of lager funk and hop bitterness.  I think this might actually be a bit more flavorful than the regular.  It is well carbonated and gives a refreshing sting on the back of the throat.

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