Friday, September 30, 2016

Summit 30th Anniversary West London-Style Ale

This 4.9% ABV English-style bitter is from the Summit Brewing Company of St. Paul, Minnesota. It is brewed to celebrate their 30th year.

The beer pours dark golden with just a tint of copper. There is a half inch of white, foamy, bubbly, head that is not long lasting. The aroma is light, nutty malt, with a note of lagerish funk. The taste is nutty, tea, a bit of citrus and floral notes, with a lager/pilsner bite. The finish is very dry and moderately bitter. The beer drinks very easy with perfectly strong and refreshing carbonation. This is easy to drink, interesting, but very subtle. I look forward to drinking a couple more and trying to get a better handle on it.

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