Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bell's Octoberfest

This 5.5% ABV Marzen style Octoberfest beer is from the Bell's Brewery of Comstock, Michigan. They have not released this in bottles for several years.

The beer pours copper and amber in color, very clear. There is an inch of whtie to off-white head that is not long lasting. The aroma is a crisp, bitter lager, with straw and grass, that is extra malty, a light note of sweet potato. The taste follows the aromas, a very malty lager, combining sweet, dry and bitter. The finish is dry, crisp, biting. The beer drinks easy, nicely carbonated, refreshing. This is a nicely done, quaffable take on the style.

I see I tried this in 2011, was that when it was last bottled?  This5.8% ABV beer pours an amber-copper-orange in color with a small off-white head.  The aroma is malty, slightly sweet, but also with a tart grassiness and light floral aroma.  The taste is a lightly sweet maltiness with a fresh, sweet, grassy and floral finish with a light and dry bitterness.  Tasty.


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