Sunday, August 14, 2016

Zipline Barrel-Aged Barleywine 2015 (Bourbon and Pinot Noir)

This is a 12.3% ABV barleywine that was aged in both bourbon and Pinot Noir barrels. It is from the Zipline Brewing Company of Lincoln, Nebraska, home of "Brave New Brew."

The beer pours deep amber, medium brown, shades of garnet. There is a short head of light tan foam. The aroma is dark fruits; tangy, yet sweet, like candied oranges; caramel, vanilla, oak, dark cherries, red wine. The taste is rich, loads of caramel and dark fruits, with the dry astringency of oak in the finish. The bourbon and pinot barrels add richness without making it boozy. The finish is dry and quite bitter (in an oaky way). The beer drinks smooth and soft, with a warming effect down the throat. This is very nice.


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