Saturday, July 2, 2016

Trouble Brewing After Party Pale Ale

Walmart now sells a proprietary "craft" beer sampler, from Trouble Brewing of Rochester, New York (guessing contract brewed by Genesee). The 12 pack sampler contains four different beers: a pale ale, amber ale, IPA, and white ale. This is the 5.3% ABV pale ale.

The beer pours dark golden to light amber in color. There is an inch of thick, foamy, white to light off-white head. The aroma is citrus, very lemony, grassy, over toasted malt. The taste follows the aromas, coming to a dry finish that is fairly bitter. There is an aftertaste of grapefruit rind. The beer drinks smooth, carbonated, and fairly easy. This isn't offensive, but it is not super pleasing either.

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