Sunday, July 17, 2016

North Coast Old Stock Ale Cellar Reserve 2014 Wheat Whiskey Barrel Aged

This 14.44% ABV beer takes the Old Stock Ale from the North Coast Brewing Company of Fort Bragg, California, and ages it in wheat whiskey barrels.  This is the 2014 vintage.

The beer pours a very dark amber, to brown, with a garnet tinge. There is a short, light tan head. The head is surprisingly fizzy. The aroma is whiskey, oak, fruit, brown sugar, sweet and tangy. The taste is a well-balanced collection of the aromas, malty, caramel, brown sugar, whiskey, with fruity tang and oak astringency. The beer drinks smooth with a fine tingling of carbonation. Although sweet, the finish is as much dry, and it never becomes cloying. This is a very nice sipper, and even better with the barrel aging.

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