Saturday, July 23, 2016

Leinenkugel's Original

Leinenkugel's Brewing Company is from  Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  They began brewing in 1867. Leinenkugel's has been owned by Miller for some time now. This is their 4.7% ABV original Chippewa Pride lager.

The beer pours a clear yellow golden in color. There is an inch of white head, not long lasting. The aroma is golden grain, toasted, lightly sweet, a touch grassy, a touch of straw, with a bit of lager funk. The taste follows the aromas. The finish is very lightly bitter. This is a light, clean tasting American lager, with good, albeit light, flavors. The beer drinks easy, well carbonated, but not overly so. This is a classic, solid, American adjunct lager.


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