Saturday, June 18, 2016

Surly #Merica!

This 5.4% ABV pre-Prohibition style American Lager is from the Surly Brewing Company of Brooklyn Center (and now Minneapolis), Minnesota. It uses corn along with barley, and Willamette and Warrior hops, with German lager yeast.

The beer pours a very clear and pale yellow and golden. There is a half-inch of fizzy white head, and the beer is well-carbonated, with big soda-like bubbles. The aroma is very light grain, light wet cardboard, with a hint of grassy and citrus hops. The taste is better than the aromas, very light toasted grain, followed by a wallop of hops. The hops are grassy, quite bitter, but also have citrus and floral notes. The finish is dry and very bitter. The beer drinks chuggably. This is amusing, this beer has the look, smell and feel of an adjunct lager, but the taste kicks in as all Surly.


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