Saturday, May 7, 2016

Labatt Ice

While Labatt is known as a Canadian brand, this Labatt Ice is brewed in the USA. It was one of the first ice beers...yeah. It is 5.6% ABV.

The beer pours a clear golden yellow. There is a tall head of white foam that fizzes down to nothing. The beer is carbonated much like soda. The aroma is green apples, cooked vegetables and wet cardboard. The taste has notes of the aromas, but is mostly bland cooked grain. Not sweet, not bitter, but in some zone of nothingness in between. The finish is mostly dry. It drinks with stinging carbonation. There is a note of dust in the aftertaste. This is a zero, but at least it is not a negative, like many cheap, high alcohol malt liquors. At $0.99 for a 24 ounce can, there should be no complaints.  

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