Friday, May 13, 2016

Bos Meadery Hammer Smashed Cherry Mead

Mead is a fermented beverage based around honey. This is a 6.5% ABV mead from the BOS Meadery of Madison, Wisconsin. It is intentionally lower alcohol than most meads, meant to be a type of session mead that adds in a little light carbonation. It is also brewed with Wisconsin Door County cherries.

The mead pours crystal clear with a light cherry, reddish, pink, salmon coloring. It has a very light carbonation, unlike most meads. This one is made to be a bit lighter; they call it a session mead on the bottle. The aroma is rich honey, honey, and honey, with tart, sweet, fruity cherry. The taste is rich, yet light, sweet, with just a tang, loads of cherry with a softening of flavorful honey. This drinks easy, light, refreshing, and so tasty. I almost didn't get this, but it kept calling out to me from the shelf. Glad I got it.

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