Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Henry's Hard Ginger Ale

Henry Weinhard's opened in Oregon in the 1860's.  It was a regional powerhouse for over a hundred years; in more recent years being acquired by Miller. They are now producing a line of hard sodas made with cane sugar. This is their 4.2% ABV hard ginger ale. I sure hope this is better than those hard root beers trending now.

The beer pours a very pale champagne in color, like pale ginger ale. It is fizzy like soda and the head quickly disappears. The aroma is straight up ginger ale, not a huge ginger bite, but a bit more than say, Canada Dry. The taste follows the aromas, sweet ginger ale with a touch of alcohol. It drinks like pop with stinging carbonation. It is what it said it was! (And better than the hard root beers.)

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