Saturday, December 12, 2015

Greenbush Brother Benjamin

This 10.1% ABV imperial India Pale Ale brewed with honey is from the Greenbush Brewing Company of Sawyer, Michigan. It has a massive 114 IBU's.

The beer pours a lightly hazed deep copper and dark amber. There is nearly an inch of thick, foamy off-white to very light tan head. The aroma is a deep and rich orange and caramel, perhaps the sweetness of the honey meeting the malt. The taste follows the aromas, loads of oranges, along with the sweetness of honey. The flavor of the honey also starts to come through. The finish has the citrus zest of peel and rind, along with an intense bitterness (tempered somewhat by the sweetness). The beer drinks smooth with a soft tingle of carbonation, and a bit of warming heat from the alcohol. Hmm, an imperial IPA brewed with honey, sounds familiar, but I do in fact like this better than Hopslam.

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