Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sixpoint 4Beans

Sixpoint beers are "formulated by the mad scientists" of the Sixpoint Brewery of Brooklyn, New York. This is a 10.0% ABV ale brewed with coffee, cacao, and Madagascar vanilla.

The beer pours very dark brown, appearing black except around the edges. There is a short head of tan foam, not long-lasting. The aroma is moderate strength of coffee, vanilla, and light cacao, giving a sweet and bitter tangy effect. The taste follows the aromas, hitting all the same notes of coffee, vanilla and cacao. The finish is bitter, but the beer drinks light. It is hard to believe it is 10.0 ABV, although there is some warming effect as the beer goes on. This one doesn’t hold together well for me, I get the different flavors, but it is less than the sum of its parts, as the flavor notes don’t merge into a whole.

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