Sunday, October 4, 2015

Boulevard Black Pale Ale

The 12 pack samplers from Boulevard Brewing Company of Kansas City, Missouri now routinely includes two varieties of their "Tasting Room" beers; beers that have been available in their tasting room in the past, but not bottled. This is a 5.7% ABV black pale ale (as the name well indicated).

The beer pours an extremely dark brown in color, appearing nearly black. There is a tall, thickly foamy head, khaki in color. The aroma is dark roasted malt, light char, tangy. The taste follows the aromas, dark roasted malt, amping up the char to high levels, with a bit of a grapefruit tang on the finish. The beer drinks nicely smooth, the finish is moderately bitter, with a grapefruit quench. This is mostly just an easy drinking stout, with the “pale ale” only coming out in the very finish, as that grapefruit note.

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