Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tin Whiskers Parity Pilsner

This 4.8% ABV pilsner beer is from the Tin Whiskers Brewing Company of St. Paul, Minnesota. All of their beers are named after things to do with electrical circuitry. So, their motto is "Join the Resistance."  Get it?

The beer pours a clear light golden yellow in color. There is an inch of pure white head. The aroma is light bread dough, grass, and lemony citrus. The taste follows the aromas, a fruity and bready pilsner, with a dry finish. The bitterness on the finish starts mild, builds to a fair intensity, and then wanes to moderate. The beer drinks easy, with a moderate carbonation. This is a light and fruity American pilsner, well-suited for drinking outside on a warm day.

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