Saturday, May 23, 2015

Squatters Takeout Rye IPA

This 6.25% ABV India Pale Ale is from Squatters Beers. They are part of the Utah Brewers Cooperative out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  The bottle photo shows two curlers, apparently waiting to see if their shot takes out the other teams curling stone. The bottles says it is for those who like "knocking rocks."

The beer pours a deep amber and dark copper in color. There is a tall, very thick, foamy head of off-white to very light tan. The aroma is spicy rye and fruity hops. The taste is of toasted bread, caramel, with fruity, tangy hops. It tastes great, but is hard to pull out any individual fruit notes. The beer drinks very smooth and finishes dry. The bitterness is light for an IPA. This is solid and very enjoyable.

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