Saturday, March 21, 2015

Summit Union Series 3X Mild Ale

This is a 7.2% ABV take on a 19th century English mild ale. It is from the Summit Brewing Company of St. Paul, Minnesota. This is the fourth installment in their limited release Union Series which according to their website is "The inspired union of new ingredients and time-honored brewing traditions. Brewing has always been about discovery. For the Summit Union Series, we scour the globe for new (and sometimes rare) hops and malts. Then we add equal parts craft and creativity to bring you a whole new brew. Released in small batches every so often." 

The beer pours amber and light brown in color. There is a half-inch of off-white head. The aroma is malty, nutty, caramel, toffee. The taste follows the aromas and adds in a grassy bitterness. The finish is quite dry. The beer drinks smooth, with a moderate carbonation. If you like a malty, but dry beer, with a bitter finish, then I hope you got to try this limited edition. Not a lot to say about it, the beer speaks for itself, and is another great beer from this Union Series.

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