Sunday, March 1, 2015

Schell's Snowstorm 2014 Grand Cru

This is the 2014 winter offering from the August Schell Brewing Company of New Ulm, Minnesota. They were established in 1860 and they are the second oldest family owned brewery in the United States, behind Yuengeling. Every winter they release Snowstorm, featuring a different style of beer every year.

The Belgian-style ale is brewed with coriander. The beer pours a very deep amber, medium brown, trending towards ruby. There is a short lived head of off-white to light tan head. The aroma is malty, caramel, estery, fruity, and spiced. The taste follows the aromas, rich malts, sweet caramel, dark and ripe fruits, with fruity esters, and clove-like spices. The malt stars and the rest compliments, these beers are often out of balance, but not here. The beer drinks soft and round, yet with a strong tingle of carbonation. The finish is dry. This is very good, Schell's is putting out some interesting stuff.

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