Sunday, February 15, 2015

Keg Creek Apricot Wheat

The Keg Creek Brewing Company is in Glenwood, Iowa. The brewery is named after a nearby creek which was originally named Five Barrel Creek for the illicit whiskey found there in the mid-1800's.

The beer pours a clear golden in color. There is a very short head of white foam. The aroma is straight up apricot, very fruity, with just a bit of toasted wheat. The taste is a bit reversed, with just as much toasted wheat going on as apricot, but there is still plenty of fruit. This is like eating apricot marmalade on a white cracker, with a bit of orange rind bitterness thrown in. The beer drinks easy and crisp. Only down note on this beer is a bit of a medicinal/band-aid note in the aftertaste, not from infection, but it just gets incongruous in the aftertaste.

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