Sunday, January 4, 2015

Free State Old Backus Barleywine

This 10.0% ABV barleywine is from the Free State Brewing Company of Lawrence, Kansas, brewing since 1989. 

The beer pours deep, dark, gleaming copper, orange gem stone turning towards ruby. There is a very short head of off-white to light tan. The aroma is dried fruits (think more apricots and white raisins than say figs and raisins), candied orange, tangy, brown sugar, a bit of caramel. The taste follows the aromas, fruity, sweet, yet tangy, a bit of pine, with a dry, woody finish. Bitterness is moderate. The beer is smooth and sips easy, with just a tingle of carbonation. I found this a really enjoyable, easy sipping, American barleywine.

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