Sunday, January 18, 2015

Milwaukee's Best Ice

While now long brewed by Miller, this beer was once its own independent brand.  The A. Gettleman Brewery was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1887.  In 1895 it began producing Gettelman's Milwaukee Best Beer.  This became Milwaukee's Best in 1956.  As early as 1961 the brand was acquired by Miller.  However, the 1975 introduction of Miller Lite took off and the brewing capacity was switched to Lite and "the Beast" was discontinued.  It came back to store shelves in 1984 and is Miller's value priced beer line. 

You can see the Premium and Light here, I was surprised to see the Ice had not yet made it on here. (If you've looked around the blog much, you'll see that I might jump from Bourbon County Brand Stout to Milwaukee's Best Ice, just like I might jump from Simon and Garfunkel to Suicidal Tendencies, or Uncle Tupelo to Blood for Blood, with nothing in between. Not that any of those bands are the musical equivalent of Milwaukee's Best Ice, they're all much better.)

The beer pours a clear golden in color, not as pale as I expected. There is nearly an inch of white head that fizzes down. The aroma is cereal grains, malt-o-meal, fruits, very light grass or celery. The taste follows the aromas, but tamps down the fruit (when I say "fruit", I mean a green apple that’s been on the ground too long  by the tree). It is the slightest bit metallic, that passes for hops. It is extremely crisp and biting in its carbonation. So...this isn’t very good.

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