Sunday, January 4, 2015

Blacklist Or de Belgique

This is a 9.5% ABV Belgian-style ale from the Blacklist Brewery of Duluth, Minnesota. The beer's name means "Gold of Belgium." This has a cage and cork. I have not run into a beer where the cork could not be removed with hand pressure and twisting. This bottle says use a corkscrew, and don't waste any time, they mean it, and it won't come open otherwise.

The beer pours a deep amber and apricot in color, a bit hazy. There is an inch of off-white, bubbling, foamy head. The aroma is full of ripe fruits, hard to discern any particular fruit, vinous, tart, yet sweet, honey, with light flowers and grain. The taste follows the aromas, even sweet, full of ripe fruits and honey, a bit jammy, with some flowers, straw, and malty grain. The beer drinks round and smooth, with fine, tingling bottle-conditioned carbonation, nearing champagne-like in its feel. This is really elegant. 

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