Thursday, December 25, 2014

Rodenbach Grand Cru

This is a 6.0% ABV Flemish Red Brown ale from the Brewery Rodenbach of Steenhuffel, Belgium. It consists of 33% "young" ale and 67% ale aged for two years in oak vats.

The beer pours a hazy dark brown with red tints. There is a short head of light beige, bubbling foam. The aroma is tart, woody, earthy, with balsamic vinegar notes. The taste follows the aromas, refreshing tart sourness, a touch of fruit to it; lots of earthy wood, like turning over a soft, dampened log in a forest; along with the astringent dryness and flavor of oak.  Beneath the sour there are some sweet notes, particularly caramel. The beer has a light, tingling carbonation and drinks with a tart, palate cleansing refreshment. It made a nice contrast to my savory Christmas ham.

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