Sunday, December 21, 2014

Prairie Cherry Funk

This is a 7.5% ABV sour ale aged on cherries. It is from Prairie Artisan Ales of Oklahoma. Prairie are tenant brewers, they do not have their own brewery, but go and brew themselves at other's facilities, which from every bottle I have seen is the Krebs Brewing Company in Krebs, Oklahoma. I'm a sucker for cherries in beer, put some in and I'm probably buying.

The beer pours salmon colored and very clear on the first pour, hazed on the second pour (the second pour was funkier too). There is nearly an inch of fizzing, bubbling white head that quickly dissipates down to a low level. The aroma is funky, tart, woody, cherries, a bit floral and old leather. The taste hits the same notes as the aromas, tart and full cherry, woody, funky, earthy, leathery. All the notes are in good balance and no single note predominates. The aftertaste is vinous, like tart rose wine. The finish is dry and it drinks like a sparkling wine.

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