Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bell's Mercury: The Winged Messenger

This is a 4.8% ABV Belgian-style ale. It is the third of a seven part series of beers inspired by Gustav Holst's musical composition "The Planets." It is fromBell's Brewery of Comstock, Michigan. I had Mars, but missed out on Venus. 

The beer pours golden in color, dark champagne, a touch of haze. There is a short head of white foam that does not last long. The aroma is toasted malted grain and a bit lemony tart. The taste follows the aromas, deep toasted malt, lightly tart, some Belgian yeast estery notes, a kiss of pepper, with a moderately bitter finish that is also mostly dry. The beer drinks very easy. This won’t blow anyone away, but it is absolutely solid in every regard and could be consumed by the liter. I like it very much.

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