Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bauhaus Stargrazer

This 5.0% ABV German-style schwarzbier is from Bauhaus Brew Labs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Literallly "black beer," schwarzbier is a German black lager style using dark roasted malts.

The beer pours black in appearance, very dark brown and dark ruby when held to the light. There is nearly an inch of very light tan head. The aroma is dark roasted malt, pleasant char, smokey. The taste follows the aromas, dark, charred, smokey, leading into very dark stone fruits. There is sweetness in the malt, but the dark roast and dry finish keep it in check, with a moderate bitterness on the finish. The beer drinks smooth with a mild carbonation. This is a very nice schwarzbier.  I have now tried three different Bauhaus beers in cans, they seem to do a good job with the German beer style of having great flavors paired with seriously easy drinkability.  "May the Schwartz be with you!" (you're welcome Spaceball fans)

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