Saturday, October 18, 2014


This is a 5.2% ABV Flemish Red Brown ale from the Brewery Rodenbach of Steenhuffel, Belgium. It consists of 75% "young" ale blended with 25% ale that was aged in oak vats.

The beer pours mahogany brown with tints of ruby. There is about an inch of light tan head. The aroma is tart, sour, combination of vinous and balsamic vinegar, woody, cherries. The taste follows the aromas, tart, fruity, mostly cherries, woody, but with an underlying sweetness despite all the sourness. The mouthfeel is smooth, soft, easy to drink, and perfectly holds up all the flavor. There is a soft and subtle carbonation. The finish is moderately dry. There is a pleasant aftertaste true to the original flavors, just more mild. This is wonderfully well done.

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