Saturday, September 27, 2014

Weissenohe Monk's Fest

This 5.0% ABV Oktoberfest season marzen offering is from the Klosterbrauerei Weissenohe of Weissenohe, Germany, in the Franconia region. You can also see more about the beer from the importer's website, Shelton Brothers.

The beer pours a somewhat cloudy very dark amber. There is a short and thin head of off-white foam. The aroma is very malty, loads of caramel, a bit nutty, touch of hazelnut, and a light fruitiness. The taste follows the aromas, lots of caramel, darkened sugar, brown sugar, but never too sweet, nutty, with a fairly bitter finish. It is lightly carbonated and drinks smooth and round. The richness of the caramel increases as you drink it, very nice. This turned out to be my favorite Oktoberfest beer this year out of the seven I tried (I don't have anymore on hand, but I wouldn't be surprised if one or two more show up somehow).

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