Saturday, September 27, 2014

Spaten Oktoberfest

It’s Oktoberfest season, I am going to try several, so let’s set the baseline with a couple of German offerings.  

This is a 5.9% ABV marzen Oktoberfest style beer from the Spaten brewery of Munich, Germany. So yes, this the Oktoberfest style from one of the brewers supplying the real Oktoberfest celebration.

The beer pours a dark amber and copper in color, brown toned. There is nearly an inch of off-white foam that leaves some rings of lacing down the glass. The aroma is toasted, lightly nutty with caramel. The taste follows the aromas, toasted, nutty, some caramel sweetness, a hint of cola, with a dry and light grassy bitter finish. The beer is nicely carbonated and drinks fairly refreshing. 

Tasting good still in 2017, and the pictures are better: The beer pours a very dark amber to light brown. There is a half-inch of tan head. The aroma is grassy, hay, straw, lager funk, almost herbal. The taste follows the aromas, adding in a rich, malty caramel note. The finish is dry with moderate and grassy bitterness. The beer drinks smooth with moderate carbonation. This is a real nice German Oktoberfest. 

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