Sunday, September 21, 2014

Modern Times Blazing World

This is a self-described hoppy, dank amber beer from Modern Times Beer of San Diego, California. They share their recipes on their website for homebrewers. This beer uses Mosaic, Simcoe and Nelson hops and has 85 IBU's.

The beer pours amber in color, dark honey, a touch of copper. There is about an inch of thick, foamy off-white head. The aroma is fruity, orange, sweet and tangy, caramel malt, a bit of pine and dankness. The taste follows the aromas, big and sweet and orangy, with the pine and dank around the edges. It drinks smooth and round with a subtly tingling carbonation. The bitterness is moderate and it ends mostly dry. The dankness increases as you make your way through the beer. 

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