Sunday, September 14, 2014

Colt 45 Malt Liquor

The famous Colt 45 is now a brand owned by Pabst who has their beers contract brewed.  It was originally brewed by National (think National Bohemian beer) of Baltimore and named after a Baltimore Colt running back who wore the number 45. It had a "famous" set of commercials from Billy Dee Williams with the catchphrase "It works every time." I doubt you would be allowed to say that about an alcoholic beverage in an ad today.

The beer pours a pale yellow golden in color. There is an inch of pure white foamy head. The aroma is apples, green apples, a bit of malt o’ meal and wet cardboard. Much more fruity and tart than I would have expected. The taste follows the aromas, mild, a touch sweet, a bit fruity, less off notes in the taste than in the aroma. It has a stinging carbonation that is refreshing. Not much going on here, this always tastes best out of the glass bottles. 

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