Sunday, September 14, 2014

Berghoff Solstice Wit

Berghoff as a brand has long been associated with Chicago, where I picked up this bottle. It was first brewed in 1887 in Indiana, and was later brewed by the Huber Brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin. The bottle now indicates it is brewed at Stevens Point in Wisconsin.

The beer pours a cloudy honey golden in color. There is a short head of white foam. The aroma is banana, cloves, coriander, with some sour citrus from the calamansi (I had no idea what this was, had never heard of it, a tropical fruit akin to a tangerine). The spices in the aroma were not as bright as I would like. The taste follows the aromas directly, much brighter, the calamansi shines and is refreshing, blending well with the spices and riding on some toasted wheat. It drinks crisply carbonated and refreshing. A good summer beer from this seasonal offering.

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