Saturday, August 23, 2014

Left Hand Sawtooth Ale

The Left Hand Brewing  Company is in Longmont, Colorado. This is a 5.3% ABV amber ale. The side of the bottle has a glassware selection. I have a pretty good idea what glass will work with or is appropriate for many styles of beer, but I still do like it when the brewery puts their suggestion on their bottle. Only a handful of breweries do it.

The beer pours very clear and a dark amber, light chestnut brown in color. There is a thin and very short-lived head of off-white to light tan foam that leave medium lacing down the glass. The aroma is light, caramel and dark stone fruits, biscuit with plum jelly. The taste is caramel, a bit nutty, and light fruit. The finish is moderately bitter. It is refreshingly carbonated and easy to drink. This is one of those solid and sessionable amber ales, nice, without too much going on in any area.

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