Saturday, August 23, 2014

Boulevard Pop-Up Session IPA

The Boulevard Brewing Company is in Kansas City, Missouri. This is their 4.3% ABV session IPA. It is bottle-conditioned. All of their IPA's are on a mobile home trailer theme, so the regular is a Single Wide, their DIPA is Double-Wide, and their session IPA is a Pop-Up trailer.

The beer pours deep golden in color with a touch of apricot. There is a very tall, bubbly, foaming, bottle-conditioned white head. The aroma is tropical fruit, mango and passion fruit, a bit of dankness, along with bright citrus. The taste follows the aromas, with the fruits taking the front and the dankness falling back, over a soda-cracker malt. It drinks easy and refreshing. This is great, and drinkable by the quart.

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