Saturday, August 9, 2014

Boulevard Ginger-Lemon Radler

The latest 12 pack sampler from Boulevard Brewing Company of Kansas City, Missouri includes two new "Tasting Room" beers, beers that have been available in their tasting room in the past, but never before bottled. There is this beer, and their Extra Special Bitter. Radler comes from the German word for a bicyclist, the persons supposedly responsible for mixing lager and lemonade for a lighter refresher.

The beer pours the hazy yellow of lemon meringue with a tall white, fizzy, foamy head. The aroma is lemony, lemon curd, toasted wheat, touch of the spice of ginger, this is like a liquid lemon/key lime pie with a graham cracker crust. The taste follows the aromas precisely, lemony tart, but with an underlying sweetness. It drinks easy and refreshing. This is liquid lemon pie made of beer, an excellent radler!

Tried this again August 2015 in a can, but didn't like it as much: The beer pours a cloudy yellow golden, lemon meringue color. There is over a half inch of white foamy head, both fizzy and meringue like. The aroma is ginger first, then lemon, and finally toasted wheat and graham cracker crumbs. The taste follows the aromas, but the ginger really raises the tartness of the lemon in the taste. The finish is dry. This is a radler I might want to have a snack with due to its high level of lemon juice tartness.

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