Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kalona Sucha Much IPA

This India Pale Ale has 68.5 IBU's and 7.1% ABV. It is from the Kalona Brewing Company of Kalona, Iowa. It takes its name from Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans who have an album called Such a Much. On the can "Heavenly Beers Brewed by Mere Mortals."

The beer pours honey golden in color, just a tinge of orange. There is over an inch of white, thickly foamy head. The aroma is dank and musky, overripe melons, and papaya. The taste follows the aromas directly, there is a moment of fruit and malt sweetness, but with a dry and quite bitter finish. The bitterness in the finish is like drinking quinine heavy tonic water that had grapefruit rind squeezed into it. As you proceed through the beer, some mango starts to come through. It drinks soft, tingling and medium bodied. There is sucha much going on here.

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