Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pour Decisions Kalamity!

This is a 13.0% ABV English Stock Ale that was then aged in rye whiskey barrels. It is bottle 456 out of 600 of the quarter cask rye version, and it is from the Pour Decisions Brewing Company of Roseville, Minnesota. Pour Decisions has now merged with anther recent Twin Cities area brewery, Bent Brewstillery, and they will henceforth be Bent Brewstillery. 

The beer pours a very dark chestnut brown to mahogany, dark enough to be essentially opaque. There is over an inch of thick, somewhat creamy, light tan head. The aroma is oak, vanilla, rye whiskey, sweet and tangy, a bit spicy, malty, sweet potato. The tastes follow the aromas, lots of rye whiskey barrel, with the wood and vanilla and whiskey, lots of malt, sweet potato, a bit of caramel; with the malt in the taste being even more roasted than in the aroma, adding in some notes nearing coffee, but a highly sweetened, cream filled coffee, bringing in toffee and butterscotch. The alcohol is present and warming, but not overwhelming for its whopping 13.0% ABV. It has a firm and tingling carbonation, but also drinks smooth, full bodied without being syrupy. This is pretty damn fine.

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