Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nebraska Brewing Company Brunette

This is a 4.7% ABV nut brown ale. It is from the Nebraska Brewing Company of La Vista, Nebraska. They have always had bottles of their special release, but they recently started canning some of their regular lineup. The can says "World Class in Every Glass." They are also a sponsor of the large Great Nebraska Beer Fest each August, a fest definitely worth attending.

The beer pours a dark chestnut brown with dark orange tints when held to the light. There is a half inch of light tan foam that dissipates fairly rapidly. The aroma is nutty, caramel, sweetness, yet with a fruity tang. The taste is roasted malts, very nutty, some dark caramel. It finishes dry with a light bitterness. There is a sweetness in the malt, but it does not drink sweet, there is an aftertaste of light hazelnut. It is medium bodied and moderately carbonated. Very tasty, but the body doesn’t quite hold up to the taste, just a tad thin for its flavors.

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