Sunday, June 8, 2014

Coors Light Summer Brew

This is a limited edition citrus radler from Coors LightRadler is a German word for a bicyclist, and they needed a refreshing drink with less alcohol while on their bike rides. The idea of mixing a light lager and citrus (often lemon or grapefruit) juice or soda was born.

The beer pours a pale golden, champagne colored. There is a short-lived head of fizzy white foam. The aroma is citrus forward, lemon, lemonade, a bit of grapefruit. The taste follows the aromas directly, the initial taste is all citrus, then there is some light maltiness that lingers on the tongue, just enough to let you know there is supposed to be some beer in this. It drinks crisply carbonated, light and refreshing. It does what a radler was meant to do. There are better craft radler/shandy’s out there, but this is better than I expected, pleasantly citrus and inoffensive in every way, very drinkable. 

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