Saturday, May 24, 2014

Warka Radler

This is a "radler" or beer mixed with citrus juice or soda, in this case, 60% lemonade. I see from the label they put a bit of lemongrass in it too. It is 2.0% ABV. Radler is apparently a German word for a bicyclist, as they needed a refreshing drink with less alcohol on their bike rides. This one is from Warka beers, made by Zywiec in Poland.

The beer pours the color of hazy lemonade with a touch of golden beer color. There is a fizzing head the color of whipped egg whites. The aroma is lemony, lemonade over light toast. The taste follows the aromas, it is very much like toasted white or wheat bread with lemon curd on it. The beer is smooth and round in the mouth, yet still with a crisp carbonation. Overall, this is an extremely tasty and refreshing radler.

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