Saturday, May 17, 2014

Samuel Adams Escape Route

This 5.0% ABV Kolsch style ale is a limited release from the Boston Brewing Company, makers of Samuel Adams beers.

The beer pours deeply golden in color, yet clear. There is a tall and thick foamy head of white. The aroma is malty, grassy, semi-sweet, a touch of fruit, lightly herbal and light straw. The taste follows the aromas in general, but is even sweeter than the aroma would indicate, although the finish does end fairly dry, a bit grassy and bitter. It has a medium body, smooth, lightly carbonated.

I tried this again in 2016, the beer is now hazy, and it is less sweet. Overall, I would say it is now better: The beer pours a hazy apricot and honey orange. There is a tall, thick, foamy head of white. The aroma is grain, straw, grass, with a light fruitiness. The taste follows the aromas, much grain and straw, coming to a fairly bitter and grassy finish. The beer drinks smooth with a tingle of carbonation, it is easy to drink and refreshing.

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