Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bent Paddle 14 (degrees) ESB

This 5.6% ABV British-style extra special bitter is from the Bent Paddle Brewing Company of Duluth, Minnesota. (Anybody know how to insert the degree symbol when you are in the post title?) According to the can, the average temperature of Lake Superior is 42 degrees and that is the temperature at which they serve their beer, "Coincidence? We think not."

The beer pours a dark amber and copper in color, fairly brown. There is a lovely, tall head of thick off-white foam. The aroma is airily fruity and malty, plums, ice tea with lemon, light grape juice, a bit of sweet caramel in there, some nuttiness. There is a taste for each aroma, adding in some extra roastedness to the malt, this is both simple and complex at the same time. The mouthfeel is soft and round, smooth, subtly carbonated. The finish is moderately dry and bitter. Exquisitely crafted, not an off note anywhere, well rounded, and delicious!

I have tried several Bent Paddle beers now. Were they whales? No. Were they barrel aged? No. Were they hop bombs? No. Were they all delicious, perfectly crafted, with an elegant simplicity that indicates the result of fine craftmanship and quality? Yes! I think I want to make a trip to Duluth.

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