Friday, April 18, 2014

Schlitz Malt Liquor Blue Bull

The Schlitz Malt Liquor Bulls are from the Stroh's Brewery which is now owned by the Pabst Brewing Company who has all their beers contract brewed by Miller.  The classic Blue Bull is now O.M.L. for Original Malt Liquor.  I vaguely remember Schlitz Blue Bull being very popular in the late 1970's.  They even had national television ads where the bull would crash into some place and they had many celebrity endorsers.  You can find some of the old commercials on You Tube.

The beer pours a light and clear yellow and golden in color. There is over an inch of white head, surprisingly “thick” and relatively long lasting (remember, I said relatively). The aroma is sweet grain cereal, think malt o’ meal, with just a touch of grassiness or straw, and a very light touch of apples. The taste follows the aromas, more malt and less apple on the taste, with a light sensation on the finish that can best be described as bitterness, lightly grassy. It is highly carbonated and drinks fairly crisp. There is a bit of an off aftertaste. Like most beers of this style, it is better straight from the can than in a glass. Not great, but not sickly sweet, drinkable at least.

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