Friday, March 21, 2014

He'brew Death of a Contract Brewer Black IPA

The He'Brew line of kosher beers is from the Shmaltz Brewing Company of Clifton Park, New York. They are "The Chosen Beer." This 7% ABV beer is brewed using 7 malts and 7 hops and commemorates that Shmaltz now has their own brewery. From 1996 until 2013 they were contract brewed.

The beer pours a solid black in color. There is about an inch of thick, foamy, light tan head. The aroma is dark roasted malt, char, a bit of coffee, along with fruity, especially orange, and piney hops. The taste is a very good blending of dark roasted malt flavors, dark cocoa, char, coffee, along with the fruity and a bit piney hops. This is a really nice black IPA. Some black IPA's are predominantly hops incongruous with their dark roasted malt and some are the reverse. This is one of the few that blend them together in a nice balance.

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