Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hof ten Dormaal Amber

This is a 7.5% ABV bottle conditioned amber ale. It is from Hof ten Dormaal in Tildonk, Belgium. The grain and hops used in the beer are estate grown by Dormaal.

The beer pours burnt orange and deep amber in color. There is over an inch of thick, yet ragged, foamy head that is off-white in color. The aroma is yeasty, tangy, caramel sweet, leathery, earthy, grassy, herbal, with a fruity note as well. The taste follows the aromas, with the caramel sweet, yeast, leather, earth and grass predominating over the others. It has an aftertaste like a liqueur, but without any alcohol sting. It is quite dry on the finish, with a sneaky, subtle, moderate bitterness. It is highly carbonated with the super fine and dense carbonation typical of bottle-conditioning. Well crafted, this is worth a try.

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